Welcome to New Awakening

Welcome to New Awakening where we offer you the best prices on a wide range of products that will empower and support you on your path to magickal and spiritual growth, and help you to achieve harmony and balance in your life. Let your journey begin by taking a few minutes to navigate through our website to learn about our products and why we're the best choice for your needs. Also visit our Wicca Supplies Online Store to shop all of our products.

Wicca Supplies

For the Pagan within you we have many products for your rituals including: Altar Bells, Chalices, Altar Cloths, Altar Tiles, Altar Tables Athames, Brooms, Cauldrons, Candles, Magickal Wands, Herbs, Incense and Spells.

Metaphysical Supplies

We have beautiful crystals available, whether you wear them as jewelry or use them for healing, divination or as an adornment to your home or office. Crystals with their metaphysical and healing properties bring their wonderful power through color and vibrations to any surroundings. We also carry Books, CD’s and DVDS’s to aid you in your self-discovery and spiritual enlightenment.

Reiki Therapy

Reiki therapy is the process of healing using universal life energy. Unlike other forms of energy healing the practitioner never uses her own life force energy, she channels the energy through her crown chakra and out through her hands which she places on the client or above in the clients aura. It’s a simple and safe method that will boost your immune system, help you to relieve stress and anxiety and it brings balance to your body, mind and spirit. Treatments can be given to any individual at any age.