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Crystals have traditionally been used for their metaphysical properties. Whether you wear them as an adornment or use them for healing, crystals are a beautiful and fascinating natural creation. We carry Crystal Tumbled Stones they are a wonderful aid for releasing tension and stress. Crystal Pyramids will amplify and focus energy through the apex, these are ideal for meditating with. Crystal Gazing Balls are a widely known as a tool for divination. Crystal Spheres represent unity. Crystal Eggs are a symbol of rebirth. Selenite is named after the Moon Goddess Selene, this amazing stone provides clarity and expands ones awareness of self.


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Crystal Colours and their Meaning

> Self-control, logic

> Relaxing, soothing, helps in communicating, rational thought. Throat Chakra colour.

> Connect with the earth, stability, and order.

> Good health, success, courage, confidence and willpower.

> Nature, life, fertility, harmony, healing, prosperity, balance, confidence. Heart Chakra colour

> Spiritual realization, used as a cosmic guide, inspiration. Third Eye Chakra colour.

> Endurance, creativity, ability to adjust to change. Sacral Chakra colour.

> Unconditional love, self-worth, acceptance, caring, tenderness.

> Intuition, spiritual growth, relieves tension. Crown Chakra colour.

> Confidence, courage, vitality, passion. Protects from fears and anxieties. Root Chakra colour.

> Wholeness, completion, purity, clear mind.

> Intelligence, wisdom, happiness, clarity, confidence, uplifting. Solar Plexus Chakra colour

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