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We have many unique Crystal Pendulums that are blessed in our studio. Using a Pendulum is a wonderful way to open your mind to the ways of divination. We carry Pendulum Mats that have been designed to aid you in your divination work.


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About Pendulums

Pendulums date back over six thousand years. The Egyptian and ancient Chinese were early practitioners. They were originally used for locating water and other minerals, but later physicians used them to help with diagnosing ailments. Today pendulums have many uses, solving problems, testing purity of water or finding water, testing the freshness of food or does this food contain pesticides, is this job right for me, selecting clothing, testing the energy in your home, finding missing people or objects, making healthy choices, just about anything you can imagine. Pendulums are unique, different cuts, different stones, they all have different energy. Try different types and enjoy the experience of using a Pendulum.

Choosing a Pendulum

Pendulums come in different materials, crystal, wood, ceramic, copper, brass, also in different shapes, tear drop, conical, spiral, ball shaped. Choosing a crystal is a personal preference, follow your intuition.

Programming your Pendulum

Give it your undivided attention, sit in a calm comfortable place, preferably at a table, relax your body and mind. Hold the pendulum chain gently at the very top, between the index finger and thumb of your dominant hand. As most answers to questions will be either Yes, No or Maybe, we will start with these. You need to find which way your pendulum swings for YES, NO and MAYBE answers. Holding your pendulum ask it to show you what your YES looks like, it could be a circle clockwise, anticlockwise, or it could swing north to south or east to west. Once you have established this you can ask what your NO looks like, and then your MAYBE. Test your pendulum by asking if today is Saturday (use correct day) or do I like peaches. The faster the movement the stronger the energy.

Cleansing/Clearing the Energies of Pendulums and Crystals

All crystals should be cleansed regularly, they can pick up negative and unwanted energies. These are a few different ways of cleansing your Pendulum or Crystals. Placing them in sunlight for a day, but not Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Aquamarine, Celestite, Opal, Turquoise or Fluorite these are a few of the crystals that will fade in sunlight. Placing them in moonlight, preferably a full moon. Cleansing in warm filtered water. Run the water over the crystal, cleanse with a clear intent, repeat this three times and imagine that all negative energy is flowing to the earth to be cleansed by Mother Earth who will turn this into positive energy. Smudging method involves passing the stones several times through the smoke of sweetgrass or sage. Placing your crystal in Sea Salt for 24 hours, you can also store them in salt to keep them from picking up negative energies. If you are attuned to Reiki, this is also a good way to cleanse your pendulums or crystals. Set your intent to cleanse. If you use your crystals for healing, cleanse and clear before any healing work begins. These are just some of the methods, whichever you choose trust your intuition and higher self to select the method which feels right for you.